Holyday #1 – Passover



is not being acknowledged as the First Annual Holyday (Milestone) of the Creator’s MASTER PLAN to add members to His God-Kind Family from the Man-Kind family. This is the CRITICAL SPIRITUAL BLIND SPOT that is causing people to miss the timing and literalness of the 2nd and 3rd Annual Holydays!!!

To prove that Passover is Holyday #1, see http://pentecostnation.org/Passover-Night.html for an article showing how to count backwards 7 days from (and including) the 20th day of the month to arrive at the 14th day as the First Day of Unleavened Bread.   The phrase “until the twenty-first day of the month at evening” in Exodus 12:18 means the end of the twentieth day at sunset, which sunset begins the twenty-first day of the month.

Exodus 12:18 is the key verse, and “until” is the key word in that verse, to prove Passover is a HOLYDAY because it is the FIRST Day of the SEVEN days of the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Notice especially that the same word “until” is also used in Exodus 12:6, so that there is NO EXCUSE for not understanding that Passover, the 14th day of the first month is a HOLYDAY – NOT the 15th!

Deuteronomy 16:1-6 also makes it clear that the Passover is the first of seven days of unleavened bread, and that the Israelites starting coming out of Egypt “by night… in haste” that very Passover night.  Notice that verse 6 confirms this, saying “you shall sacrifice the Passover in the evening at sunset, at the time that you came out of Egypt“.  The word “time in Strong’s Concordance as #4150, means appointment, festive gathering, signal, and designated a determined time and place.  This clearly corresponds with the “appointed times” declared in Leviticus 23 as the Creator’s Seven Annual Holydays to be observed as “perpetual statutes throughout your generations”.

Exodus 34:18 also confirms that the Feast of Unleavened Bread is observed for seven days.

Ezekiel 45:21 also declares Passover as a Feast that lasts seven days – eating unleavened bread for seven days – not eight days!  Remember, the 1st and 7th days are declared to be Holydays!  So Passover is a Holyday!!

21 “In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month, you shall have the Passover, a feast of seven days; unleavened bread shall be eaten.

A recent letter from someone in Africa, perhaps someone in Gambia who has visited this website, was sent to a leading minister in the USA explaining this truth about Passover as a Holyday. The minister mentioned this letter in one of his recent videos about “guarding doctrine” and used this person’s letter as an example of “false doctrine”. I sincerely respect this minister and the work he is doing of feeding the sheep, but he is certainly wrong about proclaiming the 15th as the First Annual Holyday.

Those who keep the Last Day of Unleavened Bread, Holyday #2, on the twenty-first (21st) day of the month of Abib/Nisan are in direct violation of Ex 12:18 that excludes that day, and are teaching rebellion against the Word and Wishes of the Creator of the heavens and earth!

Such rebellion causes rejection of the first two Annual Holydays in the Creator’s Master Plan for the salvation of Man-kind by being one day late in the observance of both Holydays #1 and #2.

LISTEN – How can those who are one day late in keeping the “appointed times” for Holydays #1 and #2 ever expect to participate in the “appointed times” for the remaining six Annual Holydays?

Those not keeping the 14th of Abib as Holyday #1 are NOT covered by the blood of the Lamb of God, the Messiah, and will NOT be part of the Firstborn Firstfruits!  This standard was set on the very first Passover in Egypt.

Being one day late in keeping the Passover, Holyday #1, resulted in the death of the Messiah at the hands of those observing the Passover the night after Jesus observed it with His disciples. See The VERSE article for further clarification of this important truth.

Likewise, will being one day late in keeping the Last Day of Unleavened Bread, Holyday #2, result in the death of many of those called to be the Firstfruits, because they do not recognize the “Desert Miracle” as the fulfillment of Holyday #2,  and therefore they do not gather there to fulfill Holyday #3, Pentecost, the Feast of Firstfruits, as the Holy Nation, the Pentecost Nation, and escape the Great Tribulation? And perhaps even result in Eternal death?



This Annual Holydays Harvests Pattern Diagram clarifies this “APPOINTED TIMES” ISSUE by illustrating the symmetry of these 7 Annual Holydays when seen as a TWO-HARVEST PHASED MASTER PLAN for logically adding members to the God-Kind Family from the Man-Kind family.


If anyone has questions about this, please post them on the COMMENTS BLOG and I will gladly try to make this issue perfectly clear, because this is the CRITICAL SPIRITUAL BLIND SPOT that is causing people to miss the timing and literalness of the 2nd and 3rd Annual Holydays!!!

The Passover Ceremony 

Here is my suggestion for a very personal and family-centric Passover Service to be held in one’s own home, in accord with the precedent and instructions given in the Holy Scriptures in Exodus 12.  Passover is the first day of the seven days of the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Ex 12:14-20; Ezek 45:21) so all leavening needs to be removed from your property for these seven days (14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20) up until the evening that begins the 21st day.  Now, for the Passover Service, you should have a special red wine poured into small shotglasses, and some unleavened bread (matzos) for this ceremony (covered these with white cloths until ready).  Also prepare some basins of water and towels for the footwashing ritual.  If you missed it this year, there is provision for doing this ceremony in the second month on the 14th (2 Chron 30:2, 15).  You should eat your normal supper before doing this service.  The scriptures below are suggestions; add others as inspired and needed to make this service special and meaningful for you and your family.

Begin the service at twilight just after sundown that ends the days portion of the 13th and begins the night portion of the 14th of Abib (usually in April).  Start the service with an opening prayer asking for a blessing on the service, that it will be performed in spirit and in truth, and be pleasing to Our Father and His Son.

The Christ
Read Jn 1:1-5, 9-14; 13.16-18; Jn 6:35-57 to see Jesus of Nazareth as The Word, The Light, The Bread, and The Life. Read Eph 1:1-2:22.

The Focus
Read Jn 12 to see what Christ was focused on just before His Final Passover Feast with His Apostles that year.

The Mission
Read Rom 3:19-26; 5:1-11; 6:4-11 to see why we need a “passover”. Read 1 Pet 2:21-24; 1 Jn 1:1-2:2-6.

The Preparation
Read Lk 22:1-13 about the preparation for Christ’s Passover supper that year.

The Bread
Read Lk 22:14-19; Mt 26:26; Mk 14:22; 1 Cor 11:23-24 about the Breaking of the Bread as a symbol of Christ’s body being offered and broken for our healing (Isa 53:5; 1 Pet 2:24).  Offer up a prayer for a blessing of the unleavened bread that you are about the break and eat.  Then eat a piece of the unleavened bread in silence and meditate on its significance for our healing, physically and spiritually.

The Wine
Read Lk 22:20; Mt 26:27-29; Mk 14:23-25; 1 Cor 11:25-29 about the drinking of the wine as a symbol of Christ’s blood/life. Offer up a prayer for a blessing of the wine that you are about to drink. Then drink the small glass of wine in silence and meditate on its significance for our forgiveness of sin and the indwelling of eternal life and the holy spirit.

The Footwashing
Read Jn 13:1-17 about the footwashing service Christ performed on that Passover among his personal “family” of apostles.  Then quietly and sincerely do the same service on one another in your own house, using the basins of water and towels.

The Commandment
Read Jn 13:31-38 to hear Christ’s special words to His Apostles after Judas was absent.

The Prayer
Read Jn 14-17 to hear Christ’s special encouragement to His followers then and now, that we truly can be one with The Father and The Son in a very real and intimate relationship, especially those who are called now and are preparing to become the Bride and Wife of the Messiah for an eternity, in fulfillment of Holyday #3 – Pentecost.