The Construct


The Construct” is a mental structure of reality.  It is not reality… it is a perception and conception of reality.  But this is where each of us truly lives… in THE CONSTRUCT.

IDEAS MATTER.  Good IDEAS cause peace.  Bad IDEAS cause war.  It is NOT the man or woman that is the cause of peace or war. It is the THE CONSTRUCT of IDEAS that each man or woman creates inside them that is the true cause of every effect.

The Creator (The Architect) has many IDEAS that comprise THE CONSTRUCT that He maintains as CRYSTALLIZED ENERGY… something that we perceive as MATTER.  But other IDEAS are manifested as PRINCIPLES, LAWS, RELATIONSHIPS, CHARACTER TRAITS.

So, then, who determines which IDEAS are “RIGHT” and which IDEAS are “WRONG”?

Does such an IDEA of RIGHT and WRONG exist?  Or is it merely a Control Mechanism in a game of cosmic competition of survival of the fittest?

The Bible is the record of IDEAS that comprise THE CONSTRUCT that an alleged “Creator” wants each of us to adopt as our own IF we wish to live forever with Him in THE CONSTRUCT that He has created and will maintain AS HE WILLS.

The Plan by which He intends to convince us to do this is revealed in His Seven Annuals Holydays.

We must realize that we are in a WAR of IDEAS – OPPOSING CONSTRUCTS  – that are fighting for preeminence.

The Bible reveals that The Architect has an OPPONENT with a competing CONSTRUCT – commonly-labeled “Satan” and “The Adversary”.

We are caught in the middle of this “IDEAS WAR” between these two supernatural beings… much like in the theme depicted in the “Alien vs Predator” movie.

We can place much of blame for the PHYSICAL WARS on this Earth on Satan.

But it is not merely Satan.   It is THE CONSTRUCT of IDEAS that Satan “embodies” that is the Ultimate CAUSE of these wars on Earth, and its associated “Continuum of Evil” ranging from simple mistakes on the one end, to the all-out depravity and war on the other end.

So it is not enough to overcome Satan in order to end wars. We must also ultimately and completely overcome the IDEAS of THE CONSTRUCT that Satan “embodies”!

My contention is that even if such a being as Satan did not exist, we would still have to overcome the IDEAS of THE CONSTRUCT (that Satan embodied) that would eventually present  itself to our consciousness!

I believe that this “IDEAS WAR” proposition is supported by several incidents revealed by the Seven Annual Holydays.

First notice that Holyday #4 (Feast of Trumpets) reveals the Messiah returning to defeat Satan at the Battle of Armageddon in order to save the world from the complete destruction being caused by THE CONSTRUCT that Satan embodies.

Then Holyday #5 shows that Satan is removed from the Earth after a battle at Jerusalem when those exiled to Gog and Magog continue to follow Satan’s CONSTRUCT OF COMPETITION (Ezekiel 38 & 39) 10 years after the Messiah’s return and want to conquer the restored and prosperous Kingdom of God living at Jerusalem.

However, it takes about five years after that battle before the Earth begins to experience the Millenium of Peace and Prosperity, as the fulfillment of Holyday #6 (Feast of Tabernacles), because the IDEAS of THE CONSTRUCT that Satan embodied are still occupying the minds of many on the Earth, even after his removal.

This incident shows that the IDEAS comprising THE CONSTRUCT need to be overcome – not just its protagonist (Satan).

Another key incident supporting this focus on overcoming IDEAS is revealed by what occurs at the VERY END of the Millenium.   One would think that by then, after a 1,000 years of living God’s Way of Life, and practicing the IDEAS that comprise THE CONSTRUCT of The Creator and experiencing first-hand its joys, peace and prosperity, there would be no people still clinging to the IDEAS of THE CONSTRUCT that Satan embodied.   But there are!   And during the entire Millenium, these people were forcefully relegated by the Messiah to a region on Earth named Gog and Magog to prevent them from disturbing the peace in the rest of the Earth.

Notice that the IDEAS of THE CONSTRUCT that Satan embodied were still being embodied and embraced by some people living in the last generation of the Millenium, and that Satan was released and returned to Earth for a short time in order to gather these people together from the regions of Gog and Magog for a final battle to overthrow and conquer those on Earth who had chosen and embraced the IDEAS of THE CONSTRUCT of the Creator.  This battle again was at Jerusalem, and ended with their destruction and the defeat of Satan and his permanent eternal banishment in the lake of fire (Rev 20:7-10).

Then the Holyday #7 (The Last Great Day) incident follows right after this final battle, and is the period in which all people that died in the previous 6,000 years and were not given a legitimate opportunity to know the truth of God’s CONSTRUCT will be resurrected to another temporary physical lifetime of about 100 years so that they can make an informed choice to adopt and embrace God’s CONSTRUCT.  Notice that during this 100-year period Satan will not be around to pressure them with any of his “IDEAS”.  They will have their own personal “IDEAS WAR” to contend with and to overcome by themselves.

The main point of this topic is that each of us must eventually experience such an “IDEAS WAR” and decide which ones are part of THE CONSTRUCT that The Creator has – THE CONSTRUCT He wants to share with us to sustain an ETERNAL EXISTENCE of peace, love, happiness and creativity.

Jn 6:63
63 “It is the Spirit that gives life; the flesh profits nothing; the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life.