The High Purpose

Invasion Rainbow D-Day

The above image is from “We Have a Guardian” compiled by W.B. Grant, 4th edition 1952, page 55

W.B. Grant provided a compilation of eye-witness accounts and personal testimonials to the apparent divine miracles that occurred during WWII that favored the deliverance of the English-speaking peoples from the enemies of freedom and self-determination.

Genesis 49:22-26 most likely refers to these miraculous divine interventions:

22 “Joseph is a fruitful bough, A fruitful bough by a spring; Its branches run over a wall. 23 “The archers bitterly attacked him, And shot at him and harassed him; 24 But his bow remained firm, And his arms were agile, From the hands of the Mighty One of Jacob (From there is the Shepherd, the Stone of Israel ), 25 From the God of your father who helps you, And by the Almighty who blesses you With blessings of heaven above , Blessings of the deep that lies beneath, Blessings of the breasts and of the womb. 26 “The blessings of your father Have surpassed the blessings of my ancestors Up to the utmost bound of the everlasting hills; May they be on the head of Joseph, And on the crown of the head of the one distinguished among his brothers.”

It was commonly believed by the leaders of our nations that our peoples were delivered for some “HIGH PURPOSE“.

Here are a few supporting quotes taken from “We Have a Guardian”, pages 37, 44, 45, 56:

High Purpose-37


High Purpose-44

High Purpose-45


High Purpose-56

But WWII was not the only overwhelming attack that was perpetrated upon our peoples that required divine intervention.

The Drama of the Lost Disciples by George F. Jowett recounts in Chapter X, entitled “Edict of Emperor Claudius, A.D. 42: Exterminate Christian Britain“, how Rome “officially decreed to destroy Christianity at its core by the extermination of the Island British”.  In Chapter XI, it relates how the famous British commanders Caractacus and Arviragus bravely defended Britain against the Roman armies.  On page 97, it makes an interesting comparison, stating that the loss of lives in Britain in these battles “… were larger than the loss in most battles in World War I and World War II”.  Below are some key excerpts from these chapters:




Later, in 1588, Britain could again claim divine intervention when the Invincible Spanish Armada on their way to attack Britain was destroyed by a fierce gale. “The wind was so violently against them that they were forced to steer in a circuit around the British Isles, and on this journey to their home port many of the already damaged and battered vessels were driven ashore on the coasts of Scotland and Ireland.”

The above pattern of divine intervention to preserve the freedom of the English-speaking peoples gives probable cause to believe that there is indeed a reason, a “HIGH PURPOSE“, that must exist for such special divine treatment.

NOW, FINALLY, the time has come to reveal exactly what that “HIGH PURPOSE” was, and how soon that “HIGH PURPOSE” will become perfectly clear to the entire world by the fulfillment of the next TWO  BIG EVENTS that the Scriptures have long ago declared would certainly happen ON THE EARTH BEFORE THE MESSIAH RETURNS, and which the ancient Israelites were commanded to observe forever as a TYPE throughout their generations so that our peoples would never forget what that “HIGH PURPOSE” was!

That “HIGH PURPOSE” is the end-time fulfillment of Holyday #3 – PENTECOST – the Feast of Firstfruits – the Spring Harvest of people from all around the world as they gather to the place in North America where the desert has been miraculously transformed into a Garden of Eden in fulfillment of Holyday #2.  They will gather there to fulfill the TYPE set by the ancient Israelites to become a HOLY NATION, a “kingdom of priests” (Ex 19:4-6; Rev 5:9-10). The awesome fulfillment of these TWO BIG EVENTS is the WORLDWIDE GOSPEL (GOOD NEWS) WITNESS that Christ prophesied would occur BEFORE THE END (Mt 24:14).

Britain had to remain free in order for it to establish America.  America had to remain free in order for these people from all nations to travel there to fulfill Holyday #3!

This is more fully explained on the pages here at and on pages on the original website at

However, another vitally important insight not mentioned on those pages needs to be revealed NOW on this page.

This “HIGH PURPOSE” is most importantly directly connected with the institution of MARRIAGE, because HOLYDAY #3 – PENTECOST – IS ABOUT MARRIAGE – the MARRIAGE OF THE LAMB (CHRIST) AND HIS BRIDE (the CHURCH).  The TYPE for this ANTI-TYPE was set by the ancient Israelites when they MARRIED the Creator at Mt Sinai on Pentecost.

In fact, the institution of MARRIAGE is actually PREACHING THE GOSPEL because it reveals the Plan of God the Father for His Son to MARRY the Church on Holyday #3 and to begin the Spring Begettal and Harvest of Man-kind beings into God-kind beings as the start of the Kingdom of God on earth as prophesied in Rev 5:9-10.

Is it any wonder then that there is such a controversy arising and accelerating over MARRIAGE in this world.  It is now becoming the front lines of a very spiritual battle aimed at subverting the fulfillment of Holyday #3 by destroying the TYPE DESIGNED BY GOD – MARRIAGE – TO PREPARE MANKIND TO MARRY CHRIST ON PENTECOST!

This attack on MARRIAGE is every bit as real and destructive as the battles and wars waged against our peoples mentioned above.  In fact it is MUCH MORE DANGEROUS because it is an attack from WITHIN instead of from WITHOUT, and is therefore harder to detect and defend against.

But if one is warned about this attack, as this page is doing, then one can easily see the evidence of the ever-increasing and accelerating attacks on MARRIAGE in the media and in the news.  And lately, theses attacks are getting more aggressive, as there are now accounts of people being FIRED because of just posting on social media sites their personal views on this topic that uphold traditional values about marriage.

Where is such aggression and hatred coming from?  Is there an ulterior agenda behind it?

Unless one has an open mind to admit that there MAY be a spiritual evil entity provoking Man-kind to unwittingly subvert a plausible spiritual purpose for MARRIAGE, one will be BLIND to seeing this unusual aggression developing.

Notice the reality of being unknowingly used by an unseen spiritual force as related in Mt 16:21-23, when Christ rebuked Satan who was speaking through Peter.  Notice moreover that this was also about the fulfillment of a Holyday – Passover!

Could this same source be manipulating those who are attacking MARRIAGE, which is what Holyday #3 is all about?

Think seriously about this incident between Christ and Peter and its synchronicity of relating to a Holyday!

Why is there such a MARRIAGE controversy happening at this particular time in history?

At exactly this time in history when the Holyday depicting a DIVINE MARRIAGE is about to occur!

Is there an acceleration of this activity BECAUSE the fulfillment of this DIVINE MARRIAGE is getting closer to being fulfilled?

It is time to take this issue of ATTACKING MARRIAGE very seriously!

This issue is a DIRECT ATTACK against the “HIGH PURPOSE” – the DIVINE MARRIAGE – that God preserved the freedom of our nation for TODAY, so that people from all nations in the world would have the freedom to gather here in North America  to MARRY His Son, and bear children for Him in the Spring Harvest phase of His Kingdom on Earth – the Holy Pentecost Nation!

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