The Messenger



John the Baptist was a Messenger sent to announce and prepare the way (Mt 3:3) for the fulfillment of Holyday 1 – The Messiah’s mission as the Lamb of God to take away the sin of the world as The Passover (Jn 1:29).   Will there also be a Messenger sent to announce and prepare the way for the fulfillment of Holyday 2 – the deliverance and release of the Firstfruits by a Desert Miracle?


John’s message was focused on the BAD NEWS about “the wrath to come” (Mt 3:7-12; Lk 3:17-18).  He did NOT fulfill the message declared by Isa 52:7!

The Messenger for Holyday 2 will be focused on the GOOD NEWS and will fulfill the mission and message declared in Isa 52:7, and also the prophecy in Isa 41:27 about God sending “a Messenger of Good News“:

Isa 41:27
27 “Formerly I said to Zion, ‘Behold, here they are.’ And to Jerusalem, ‘I will give a messenger of good news.’


Notice how John the Baptist’s message skipped the GOOD NEWS about Holydays 2 & 3.  His message was initially and primarily about the BAD NEWS about “the wrath to come” (Holyday 4).   The people were coming to him mainly because they FEARED “the wrath to come” and wanted to escape this punishment (Mt 3:7).  They were responding to BAD NEWS. John did acknowledge the Good News of the “Lamb of God” (Holyday 1) as stated in Jn 1:29, but then he skipped the GOOD NEWS about Holydays 2 & 3 and went directly to the BAD NEWS of Holyday 4.


The Messiah, however, did NOT skip to Holyday 4 in His message of GOOD NEWS – His Gospel. Notice how Christ stopped in mid-verse when He cited Isaiah’s prophecy about the mission of the Messiah (Lk 4:18-19; Isa 61:1-2).  Christ did not include Holyday 4 because He deliberately skipped the phrase “And the Day of Vengeance of our God” in Isa 61:2.  Christ instead focused solely on the GOOD NEWS that corresponds to the BIG EVENTS the are associated with Holydays 2 and 3!  And Matthew 24:14 shows that Christ was intent on emphasizing the GOOD NEWS of the Kingdom (Holy Nation) of God being established on the earth and getting worldwide attention BEFORE the END and His Return, the events associated with Holyday 4 – the Feast of Trumpets.

So, again, WHY was the GOOD NEWS about Holydays 2 and 3 SKIPPED – not only by John the Baptist, but even by the Apostles, who went from BIG EVENT of The Passover (Holyday 1), that had just been fulfilled literally at that time in 30 A.D. by Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah, to expecting the Messiah’s literal return to the earth after His Ascension (Holyday 4) as the next BIG EVENT to be fulfilled in their lifetime?  This misconception is clearly declared in Acts 1:6.

Acts 1:6
6 So when they had come together, they were asking Him, saying, “Lord, is it at this time You are restoring the kingdom to Israel?”


This oversight has been the CRITICAL BLIND-SPOT that not only primed the early Church for the Gnostic Heresy and falling away, but has continued to this day, as the foundation for people not taking the Bible LITERALLY.


There are several reasons.

I believe that God wanted the focus at that time to be solely on Holyday 1. The Apostles needed to make that FACT known worldwide.  Their thinking that Christ would return in their lifetime helped them to fulfill that Mission.

But, also, I believe their end-time frame of mind and tone was preserved in order to inspire those who would be the End Time saints.   This was done for our benefit , “upon whom the ends of the ages have come” (1 Cor 10:11), to instill in us the energy and perspective needed for us to fulfill our Mission in the End Time – the fulfillment of Holydays 2 and 3!

But, I believe the MOST IMPORTANT REASON was to fulfill the Scriptures God has already recorded, mainly in Isaiah, that deal with the fulfillment of Holydays 2 and 3.  Most of these scriptures have already been cited on the Holyday 3 webpage.

And the most important of these scriptures is the one cited above – the prophecy in Isa 41:27 about God sending “a Messenger of Good News“:

Isa 41:27
27 “Formerly I said to Zion, ‘Behold, here they are.’ And to Jerusalem, ‘I will give a messenger of good news.’


So, again, WHY has the GOOD NEWS about Holydays 2 and 3 been SKIPPED and NEGLECTED since Holyday 1 – Passover?

Because the GOOD NEWS about the fulfillment of Holydays 2 and 3 has been reserved for this “Messenger of Good News” to announce and proclaim in the End Time!

Notice that this Messenger will be unique.  No one else will have or be delivering this message of Good News to Zion and Jerusalem (the true church of the called Firstfruits).

Isa 41:28
28 I look but there is no oneno one among them to give counsel, no one to give answer when I ask them.



One that has ETERNAL RELEVANCE – one that is a MATTER OF CONSEQUENCE – and may determine our very literal ETERNAL FUTURE EXISTENCE




P.S.  The Messenger Confirmed