The Moon

God made the two great lights, the greater light to govern the day, and the lesser light to govern the night; He made the stars also. (Gen 1:16)

The “lesser light”, The Moon, governs the night.

But are we OBEYING it today?   Did anyone ever?

We can see from the Scripture above that the Moon is an  Authority that we must acknowledge.

The Moon has an important job to perform in giving light to the earth at night.

But it also has a more important job in determining the set times for the Creator’s 7 Annual Holydays. (Ps 104:19)

The foundation of the Creator’s Sacred Annual Calendar is determined by the first New Moon Conjunction that occurs on earth after the occurrence of the Spring Equinox.

The evidence supporting that the Conjunction determines the New Moon is contained in this New Moon Conjunction folder.

The above folder provides TWO WITNESSES to CONJUNCTION NEW MOON:

#1 = John 18:28 (“but might eat the Passover”).

#2 = The Equinox and Moon Phases for September 2015 (see the charts in folder).


Regarding #1,  John 18:28 proves that the Jews were keeping (“eating”) the Passover one day after Christ did in 30 A.D.  The temple Jews then were using the Visible Crescent to determine the New Moon.  Therefore Christ must have been keeping the Conjunction.

Regarding #2, the FULL MOON ECLIPSE on September 28, 2015 proves that the NEW MOON must have occurred 15 days earlier, on September 13.  And, on that very date, we find that the astronomical CONJUNCTION of the Moon occurred.   The ECLIPSE this year PROVES that the NEW MOON CONJUNCTION (dark moon) starts the month!

NOTE: Additionally, one could also cite these Scriptures below that refer to a totally “dark moon” – the New Moon that occurs on the Feast of Trumpets on the “Day of the Lord” – to support the conjunction position: Isa 13:6, 10; Amos 5:18, 20; Zeph 1:15-16

The Book of Joel makes an important reference to a “blood moon” occurring “before the great and awesome day of the Lord”.

Was the BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE on SEPTEMBER 28, 2015  a TYPE of that end time event? Do not the above two witnesses show that we need to repent of disobeying how God determines months and His “appointed times” (holydays)?

In order to repent as it demands in Joel 2, we must realize the importance of correcting the way that we determine the New Moon, which is the foundation for properly starting the observance of the Creator’s 7 Annual Holydays that depict and declare the 7 BIG EVENTS that comprise HOW the Creator is going to transform mortal Man-Kind beings into His own Family of immortal God-Kind Beings.

We need to obey the authority of the 2 main signs in the heavens, the sun and moon, and comply with that exact timetable if we wish to be observing the Seven Annual Holydays when the Creator is!

Being one day late in keeping the Passover Holyday shows our lack of repentance!

The Moon rules (Ps 136:9) !!!

Ignoring the New Moon Conjunction is rebellion!

It also constitutes denying the Christ who died on the Passover that occurred on the 14th of Abib/Nisan in 30 A.D.

Those who are not keeping the New Moon Conjunction will lose the focus of the Holyday Plan, and can easily become unwitting tools of Satan (Mt 16:21-23).

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