May grace and wisdom be granted to you as the chief rulers and servants of the people under your care under the direction of THE CHIEF GOVERNOR of ALL CREATION residing above the firmament that encloses this earth (Amos 9.6 NAS).

In accord with Isaiah 41:25-29, you are hereby NOTICED of the NEXT BIG EVENT that the CREATOR has planned for His Creation, which is the imminent fulfillment of HOLYDAY 2 (Isaiah 55:13), the miraculous transformation of the desert in America into an oasis sanctuary for people from every nation on earth to gather to as the spiritual Bride that marries the Creator’s Son, the Christ who fulfilled HOLYDAY 1 as the Passover for all of mankind. This Divine Marriage fulfills HOLYDAY 3, Pentecost, the initial Spring Harvest of the Kingdom of God, the Holy Nation of the Firstfruits of God’s Plan to bring all of mankind into His own Spiritual Divine Family.

This is the core GOOD NEWS of the messenger sent in accord with Isaiah 41:25-29. As these verses state, no one else has this message of GOOD NEWS. This very singularity is cited herein as its supporting authority.

Be advised that all notified hereby will be held accountable for this revelation (Luke 12:47). All people who wish to travel to this Divine Desert Oasis for this Marriage Ceremony must be allowed to do so (Isaiah 55:1,5-7).

The Mission of this Holy Nation is to be a showcase of the Creator’s Eternal Way of Life, Truth and Love, with the intent and hope of causing a worldwide repentance from the ways that are clearly leading to mankind’s destruction of this earth and all of mankind with it (Rev 5:9-10; Mt 24:22).

Mankind’s survival depends upon this Elect group of people gathering from all nations on earth to join with the Creator’s Son (Zech 2:10-11), so be prepared to “Let My people go” when the Desert Miracle occurs (Isaiah 41:17-20; Exodus 5:1).

In accord with Isaiah 41:25-29,
Douglas Raymond Stehling, trustee

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