The Plan

The Plan is the only diagram on Earth that reveals the MOST BASIC TRUTH hidden from mankind since the beginning of time.

This diagram uncovers how man-kind will become god-kind beings in 2 PHASES – as typified by the 2 HARVESTS (SPRING and FALL) that occur every year in the agricultural world.

In fact, this is WHY we have 2 HARVEST SEASONS – to remind us of This Plan and our awesome potential!

This is the GOOD NEWS (gospel) that has been suppressed — until now!

IGNORANCE of this MOST BASIC TRUTH is the cause of all of mankind’s problems today.

All other worldviews are WRONG.

This knowledge was not revealed even to the Philadelphia 6th Era of God’s Church, which has been associated with the Worldwide Church of God (1934-1986), founded by Herbert W. Armstrong (HWA). Notice what HWA says about Revelation chapters 4 & 5, calling them merely a “PRELUDE — SETTING” (see page 9 chart) and with no further comments about them in his 1972 booklet entitled “The key to the Book of Revelation“. This knowledge was withheld by God until NOW for a reason — to fulfill His prophecies in Isaiah 43:18-21 and 48:6-8!

But NOW it is being revealed here on this website. It is designated NOW for us – not the apostles (Acts 1:7) – to KNOW the times and epochs, which have been reserved for the END-TIME Saints (Daniel 12:4,9-10), those who AT THIS TIME AFTER the 7 Church Eras are being completed, can look back and see the timelines in history as predicted by God that have occurred, and can then extrapolate from that baseline and see that the next BIG EVENTS on Earth will be the fulfillments of Holydays 2 & 3!

LISTEN! Revelation chapters 4 & 5 directly correspond to the BIG EVENTS of Holydays 2 & 3, respectively.  Nowhere else is this being revealed today!

This is the GOOD NEWS (Gospel) that Christ proclaimed in Mt 24.14 that would occur and provide a worldwide witness BEFORE THE END.  Revelation is in chronological order, and the Tribulation events do not start until chapter 6 with the opening of the 7 Seals!

So something wonderfully GOOD is just about to be fulfilled on earth, and will CONFIRM THE PLAN started by Christ on Passover in 30 A.D. – Holyday 1!


Study to see what BIG EVENTS are coming that will verify this Harvest Plan, and give everyone on Earth real hope for the future.

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