The Prayer


Is the Pattern of the 7 Annual Holydays commanded in Leviticus 23 also found in the “Lord’s Prayer” in Mt 6:9-13?

What is commonly referred to as the “Lord’s Prayer” in Mt Mt 6:9-13 is really not a prayer.

These words were meant more as a “template” or “pattern” (‘in this way”) suggested by the Messiah in order to ensure that our prayers are purposeful, and consistent with the Creator’s priorities and interests.

As such, it is significant that the pattern laid out in this “prayer template” coincides directly with the sequence of the 7 Annual Holydays of Leviticus 23.

But is this just a “coincidence”?

Study the verses below and decide for yourself whether or not the “Lord’s Prayer” was purposely intended to reinforce the message and chronology of the 7 Annual Holydays, and confirm what is uppermost in the Creator’s mind and interests, and should also be in ours as Christ sternly warns us in Mt 16:23and as expounded upon in The Rebuke.