The Question

mind control

“Could I be a mind-control victim of an intelligence that exists in Outer Space?”

Could everything I currently believe, my construct of reality, be based on a LIE?

In the movie “Green Lantern”, FEAR is seen as a great source of power, for manipulation, control, and evil.

Am I afraid to question everything that I currently believe?

It takes real COURAGE to search oneself deeply and honestly and sincerely ask yourself the above question.

Essentially, isn’t this the same question presented in the ancient book called Genesis, in chapter 3?

Doesn’t this account show how two opposing beings were trying to program us?

Aren’t I a victim if I follow the one who is lying?

The question then becomes:

“How can I be sure I am not brainwashing myself in assuming that I can determine which one is lying?”

Isn’t this presumption itself an act of self-delusion?

Am I in self-denial, not acknowledging my relativity and brevity?  My “vulnerability”?  My FEAR?

So, does it not ultimately become a matter of COURAGE… WILL?

Isn’t it a matter of to be  “I AM” in spite of the FEAR – the Unknown?

Isn’t this what Genesis says I was created for?

Was I not to be made in the image and likeness of THE “I AM that I AM“, as the “Creator” describes Himself?

Was I not made by and for His own WILL?

So then, who is lying?

The “Creator” or the “Adversary”?

The answer should be easy…

Which one instills FEAR and which one instills COURAGE – WILL – “I AM”?

Which one presents PRESUMPTION and which one presents EVIDENCE?

Which one provokes GETTING  and which one inspires GIVING?

Which one promotes COMPETITION and which one encourages COOPERATION, SERVING?

Which one COUNTERFEITS and which one CREATES?

Notice how the CHOICE Adam made in Genesis was reversed by the One called “Messiah” in Matthew 4:1-10.

The being called the “Devil” tempted the Messiah by attacking his identity, his “I AM“.

The Messiah overcame this attack by quoting the Word and WILL of His Father, His God, and thereby identifying his I AM with his Father’s I AM and WILL.

Then the Devil tempted the Messiah by attacking his obedience to His Father’s WILL, to assert instead his own will and desire to save mankind immediately at that time.

The Messiah overcame this attack by putting His Father’s I AM and WILL above his own.  He chose LOYALTY to the being that had been teaching and protecting him since he was a child –  the being who had “begotten” him as a man and was the very source of his “I AM”.

Where did the “I” in my body come from?

Will “I” have the WILL and COURAGE to declare that:

“I” came from a being that “I” have a spiritual connection with, just as the Messiah did.

“I” can talk with that being,  just as the Messiah did.

“I” can know who is the true “I AM”, just as the Messiah did.

I can overcome all fears of brainwashing myself,  just as the Messiah did.

“I” can overcome being a victim of mind-control,  just as the Messiah did.

“I” can say with COURAGE and CONVICTION, just as the Apostle John said in 1 John 5:19 —

We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.