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The Holyday Leveraging Strategy

Holyday Leveraging Strategy 2


Recently, I was meditating on a new insight that came to me after listening to John MacArthur ( expound upon the account in Mk 8:22-26 where a unique healing of a blind man took place.  This is the only miracle that required Christ to lay His hands upon someone twice in order to completely heal a disease.

Since I know that God uses the TYPE/ANTITYPE METHODOLOGY to teach us important lessons throughout the Scriptures, I wondered what this 2-Phase healing might be a TYPE of, if there is one in this incident.

I first realized that 2 Holydays (Holydays 1 & 2)  would occur before the Spring Harvest would occur on Holyday 3, Pentecost.

Then I realized that 2 Holydays (Holydays 4 & 5)  would occur before the Fall Harvest would occur on Holyday 6, the Millenium.

Then I drew this pattern out in diagram form on a piece of paper.  It looked like this:

Holyday Leveraging Strategy 1


Then I saw how the Spring Harvest and Fall Harvest would occur before the last Holyday, Holyday 7, called “The Last Great Day”,  which is the period when all who had lived on earth during the mankind’s first 6,000 years will be resurrected to a second flesh and blood life and be given their first chance to know the truth of God’s Plan and be able to make a legitimate informed choice about whether they want to live God’s Way of Life for all eternity.

So the final diagram looks like this:

Holyday Leveraging Strategy 2


Now, seeing God’s Plan from this perspective should reveal the “Holyday Leveraging Strategy” that He is employing in trying to convince as many people as possible to choose to join His Divine Family that lives by His Law and Way of Love, Cooperation, Sharing, and Creativity.

Meditate on this diagram, and see how logical and wise this strategy is, and how it builds upon previous holydays to leverage those 7 LITERAL BIG EVENTS on earth in order to convince all people about the Truth of God’s existence and His Love for all of mankind.

Mt 18:16

2 Corinthians 13:1

Revelation 11:3

Notice that the above scriptures support the principle of there being at least two witnesses to establish the truth, the facts, about a matter.   This diagram illustrates that principle being in effect in God’s providing two witnesses, two holydays, to provide reasonable proof to people about the truth of these events and holydays, and His overall Divine Plan, before each of the TWO HARVESTS (Spring & Fall), that in turn, will comprise the TWO WITNESSES to those in the LAST GREAT DAY HARVEST.

Then consider how this miracle of the healing a blind man taking two applications by Christ in Mk 8, which fits this same “two witnesses principle”, and the people being blind to the truth about these Holydays revealing the BIG EVENTS that God is using to leverage His efforts to open people’s eyes to His Plan to transform man-kind beings into God-kind beings.

This Holyday Leveraging Strategy is something NEW that has never been explained before by anyone else on earth.   This is something that should be meditated on and fully understood if one wishes to be a part of the Holy Pentecost Nation.

To be continued…